FAU-Maps: Concentrated knowledge about AI as well as energy and climate

Bild: FAU/Michael Zimmerhackel

Two websites bring together contact persons and partners on current social issues

The 21st century poses great challenges for mankind and science has a considerable share in mastering them. The researchers at FAU also contribute to this. For two major social tasks, the university has now gathered its concentrated expertise in two maps: the AI map at and the energy and climate map at

The FAU is traditionally a strong location for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and pattern recognition. Already in 1975 one of the first chairs in this field was established. Since then, many other main topics of AI have been established in research at FAU. Currently, more than 60 chairs and professorships are working on important topics for AI, such as the fundamentals of mathematics, algorithms, computation on embedded systems and data security. The scientists are researching applications of AI in the fields of medicine, production and digital humanities as well as overarching issues such as the ethics of AI. read more…