Digital and shareable – making education creative and safe

Bild: Colourbox.deMatej Kastelic

Barcamp on open educational materials

Open educational practice and open educational materials (OER) are in vogue: OER create completely new possibilities for educational work and make us think about educational sectors in a completely new way. But how can education be made safe and creative with OER? This question will be addressed at a conference at FAU on Wednesday, March 4 and Thursday, March 5. Participation is free of charge, and registration is requested by Thursday, 27 February.

The focus of the Barcamp, which is organised by the Institute for Innovation in Learning at FAU together with EPALE, the e-platform for adult education in Europe, is on the topic “Creative and safe education with OER”. Characteristic for such a barcamp is that the programme is developed together with the participants: On the one hand, the participants have the opportunity to present their own projects at the “project market”. On the other hand, they can also participate in a series of workshops. Read more…