Jurassic Park on the computer

Picture: Warnock

FAU Guest Professor Dr. Rachel Warnock on paleontology, study and research in times of corona

Many people think of paleontology as field research, digging for fossils and Jurassic Park. A large part of the research is computer-aided. One paleontologist who does most of her research on computers is Dr Rachel Warnock. This semester she is a visiting professor at the FAU’s Department of Paleoenvironment. In the interview she talks about the digital semester, Corona and her research.

You have a guest professorship at FAU this semester – why did you choose FAU?

There are some people at FAU with whom I have wanted to work for a long time. We do research on similar things and can learn a lot from each other. Regardless of this, I was also asked if I wanted to apply for the position.

Actually you wanted to come to Erlangen, but the coronavirus thwarted my plans. How is the semester going for you?

Compared to many other people, things are going well. In the first weeks of the lockdown, before I started teaching, it was very difficult for me to concentrate. But then I had this very nice positive thing to focus on. Teaching distracted me from the news and everything that was going on with my friends. I don’t mind teaching online either. I think students usually handle it really well. Of course I wish I was in the same room with them, but that’s okay. I see the same group of students three or four times a week, so I get to know them quite well. And there are plenty of opportunities for discussion. Read more…