The secret of the perfect online lecture

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Laura Kirste and Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge were awarded the ALEX Prize for Digital Teaching last year for the event "Managing Intercultural Relations".©Giulia Iannicelli/FAU

This is how varied, digital teaching succeeds

“A perfect online lecture balances the effort for the lecturer, the benefit for the students and sustainability,” reveals Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge. The holder of the Chair of International Management and Laura Kirste, research assistant at the Chair, have derived this recipe from their work over the last two semesters and optimized the “magic triangle of the online lecture”. The starting point was their English-language lecture in the summer semester of 2020, “Managing Intercultural Relations.”

At the beginning of the first Corona semester, this lecture also had to be digitized at short notice. “We always have a very diverse group of participants in the lecture: different previous knowledge due to different bachelor’s degrees and cultural differences. Through Corona, it was then added that many of our international students were not even in Germany,” reports Laura Kirste. Because of the different time zones, among other things, a pure live lecture was difficult to implement. Continue reading…