General information about the project module

The practical and project module is part of the BA Digital Humanities and Social Sciences studies from the 4th semester onwards. The aim of the module is to gain practical experience in a professional field related to a course of study or in a corresponding application-oriented project.

It is to be completed either in the form of an internship in a course-related occupational field or in the form of an independent project. This can be freely chosen, done in the form of a student job or be in support of an existing research project.

Opportunity to choose between external or internal practical experience

Possible internships can be completed in the following professional fields, among others:

  • in publishing and journalism (e-publishing and digital markets),
  • Journalism (online media, social media),
  • Museum and archive (image/works annotation, databases),
  • Public relations and cultural mediation (Internet and new media),
  • Adult education (e-learning),
  • and similar fields.

Project seminars refer to the course-specific focuses of language and text, society and space, image and media. The independent application and development of IT tools in the humanities and social sciences will be tested on the basis of exemplary projects.


Procedure of the practice / project module

In general, the procedure is similar, no matter where and how the module is completed. Therefore, no further differentiation is made in the following.

Find a field of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences that interests you.

The project auction serves as inspiration and allows you to connect with possible supervisors.

Find someone at FAU who will support you in your project, externally or internally. In the case of an external internship, the internship partners supervise you.

You can choose from the lecturers of the course of studies. In addition, there is also the possibility of approaching researchers in a targeted manner if a project falls into their area of studies.

The examination performance for this module consists of a documentation of the practical work. This is done through a project or internship report (approx. 20 pages). Content and form have to be discussed with the supervisor.

300 h Workload (internship: 4-6 weeks / project: 4-6 weeks full time)

Possible in summer and winter semester

The accreditation is done via an internship certificate or a project certificate. These have to be submitted to the examination office for the module “Practice / Project Module”.

The module managers are Prof. Dr. Peter Bell and Prof. Dr. Michael Kohlhase.

Further questions on organisation and creditability can also be directed towards the course coordinators.