How can rural areas remain culturally interesting for digital natives?

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Viktoria Flasche works on the BiDiPeri project (Photo: private)

BMBF project on libraries, digitisation and cultural education in rural areas

How can rural areas be designed in such a way that they also represent a culturally attractive living environment for young people? And how can the library as a cultural location contribute to this? The project „Bibliotheken, Digitalisierung und kulturelle Bildung in peripheren Räumen: Bedingungen und Modelle zur Entwicklung der Bibliothek als Kulturort im Kontext post-digitaler Jugendkultur“ (BiDiPeri) of FAU deals with these questions.

In the framework of the project, FAU researchers from the Department of Education with a focus on culture and aesthetic education are investigating which digital cultural education offers can compensate for structural disadvantages of rural areas in order to counteract the rural exodus of the young generation.

Studies point here to the potential of libraries and libraries: they are the most visited cultural and educational institutions in Germany, even in smaller communities they exist and they are social but not commercial places. Read more…