Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at the FAU

Digital methods are becoming more established in humanities and social sciences while computer science is increasingly addressing research in cultural heritage and social sciences.

IZdigital combines these trends in an interdisciplinary centre. The Bachelor’s degree programme Digital Humanities and Social Sciences was established as part of IZdigital. A Master’s degree programme that builds on the Bachelor’s degree programme is now also available.

Over ten subjects work together in the Centre and contribute to its degree programmes, representing a very broad definition of digital humanities in terms of language and text, images and media, society and space. Research projects and events are regularly organised on the network’s initiative.



News and events

Digital finale of the 38th Federal Computer Science Competition They have solved complex problems, convinced in discussions with computer science experts and proved themselves as team players - now the best young computer scientists in Germany have been selected. The winners of the 38th German Nat...

Erlangen Cybercrime Day on Wednesday, September 30, from 10 am Whether through watches, electricity meters, e-readers, messenger services or the classic USB stick: we leave behind many data traces in our everyday lives that could play an important role in the event of a crime. But which ones are im...

Study examines training and employment in office jobs Office professions always have their finger on the pulse of technology: computer hardware and software are often used here before other areas of the working world. At the same time, they involve a high proportion of so-called routine tasks -...

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