Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at the FAU

Digital methods are becoming more established in humanities and social sciences while computer science is increasingly addressing research in cultural heritage and social sciences.

IZdigital combines these trends in an interdisciplinary centre. The Bachelor’s degree programme Digital Humanities and Social Sciences was established as part of IZdigital. A Master’s degree programme that builds on the Bachelor’s degree programme is now also available.

Over ten subjects work together in the Centre and contribute to its degree programmes, representing a very broad definition of digital humanities in terms of language and text, images and media, society and space. Research projects and events are regularly organised on the network’s initiative.



News and events

Real-time programming language "PEARL (DIN 66253)" Happy birthday, PEARL: The real-time programming language "PEARL (DIN 66253)" recently turned 50 years old. In the beginning it was used on room-sized computers, but today it is available under Linux and is also used on systems like the Raspberry P...

How is reading changing in the age of digitalisation and social change? And what significance and function will it assume in the future? Researchers at FAU are exploring these questions together with researchers from other institutions in the newly founded "Reading Research Network".

Experience the study programme live The Abitur is coming closer by leaps and bounds and relatives are asking them more and more often: the question of future plans. In view of the seemingly infinite number of choices, some pupils are starting to panic: What should I study? How am I supposed to orie...

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