Sovereign in technical change

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Study examines training and employment in office jobs

Office professions always have their finger on the pulse of technology: computer hardware and software are often used here before other areas of the working world. At the same time, they involve a high proportion of so-called routine tasks – in other words, recurring prescribed actions. Are office professions therefore particularly endangered by technological change? A recent study conducted by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) with FAU shows that this is not the case. The study has examined in detail the changes in office occupations since the 1980s and comes to the conclusion that training in these occupations prepares well for technological change. Office workers themselves also see themselves as well prepared for the new requirements resulting from the technical changes.

According to the authors, the study emphasizes for the first time the connection between the subjective skills, experience and knowledge of office workers – their work capacity – and the ability to shape technical change. Technical developments are influenced in particular by the active approach of employees, companies and the education system. Read more…