Tracking crime with AI

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FAU PhD student Franzisaka Schirrmacher, Chair of IT Security Infrastructures and Chair of Pattern Recognition, is nominated as AI Newcomer 2021. (Image: Benedikt Lorch)

FAU doctoral student Franziska Schirrmacher nominated as AI newcomer

She is developing methods to find digital traces in image or video files that can then be used to solve crimes. For her research, FAU doctoral student Franziska Schirrmacher, Chair of IT Security Infrastructures, has been nominated by the Gesellschaft für Informatik as AI Newcomer of the Year. In an interview, she explains what she is researching and what excites her about AI. Everyone can still vote for the AI Newcomer of 2021 until March 7.

In the context of your doctoral thesis, you are working on multimedia forensics. What do we have to imagine by that?

Put simply, in multimedia forensics we try to find digital traces in image or video data that help solve crimes. The goal is to enable reconstruction of past events. Continue reading…