SPP The Digital Image

Image synthesis as a method of gaining art historical knowledge

since 2019

Research project within the DFG priority program “Das Digitale Bild”

Synthetic “worship” generated by a generative adversarial network


Digital images enable us to bring artworks together virtually, group them and rearrange them as we wish. The potentially very complex connections, similarities and differences within such data sets can be analyzed by computers. However, this makes an understanding of the basic representations learned by computers imperative for the scientific process of knowledge. With the help of generative procedures from the field of “deep learning”, a new methodology for the development and visualization of image concepts is to be established, which is based on the analysis of these representations, whereby the synthetic, digital image becomes an important instrument of the interpretation process as well as of the art-historical knowledge gain.


Project management

Prof. Dr. Peter Bell

Juniorprofessur für Digital Humanities mit Schwerpunkt Kunstgeschichte

Department of Digital Humanities and Social Studies (DHSS)
Juniorprofessur für Digital Humanities mit Schwerpunkt Kunstgeschichte

Scientific assistance

Cooperation partners

Prof. Dr. Björn Ommer
(University of Heidelberg)


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