FAU goes digital

An overview of the main areas of research at FAU.

FAU brings together numerous activities in research and teaching, which can be summarized under the collective terms digitization and digital transformation. The latter has therefore been chosen as one of the university’s main areas of research.

Here you will find the quite heterogeneous projects, activities, events and research of FAU, which are connected to these topics in the broadest sense.

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The winning entry in the 2020 Open Research Challenge provides a method to clean up paleontological datasets
How did organisms respond to climatic changes in the past? Why did some species survive mass extinctions? There are many unanswered questions in paleontology that can only be answered throug...

Category: FAUdigital

Online lecture of the Botanical Garden
Spring is coming and with it many plants and flowers. But what are they called again? Smartphone apps can help identify flora and fauna. One way to share your finds is with the iNaturalist platform. FAU's Erlangen Botanical Garden will present the citizen scie...

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