Online-Vortrag: „Diskurse und Praktiken ‚digitaler Souveränität‘ in Deutschland und Frankreich“

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The digital transformation is increasingly being problematized as a challenge to the established political-geographical orders. Under the label of “digital sovereignty,” Europe is also struggling to achieve stronger state regulation of the digital sphere. At FAU, an interdisciplinary group from fields such as geography, political science, computer science, ethics, law and economics is conducting research on “Discourses and Practices of Digital Sovereignty”. On October 29 and 30, the research group is organizing a Franco-German workshop together with colleagues from the project “Geopolitics of the datasphere” (GEODE) at Université Paris 8, with funding from the Franco-German University.

The workshop will start with an introductory public online lecture in English on Wednesday, October 28 at 18.00. Amaël Cattaruzza and Frédérick Douzet from GEODE and Finn Dammann and Georg Glasze from FAU will discuss “Discourses and Practices of Digital Sovereignty in Germany and France”.

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Prof. Dr. Georg Glasze


Department of Geography
Chair of Geography (Cultural Geography) (Prof. Dr. Glasze)