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Through time with the amphora

On February 23 at 6 p.m., the virtual exhibition “Crisscross – Life Stories of Ancient Objects” of the Institute of Classical Archaeology at FAU will open. Prof. Dr. Corinna Reinhardt, Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology, has worked with students to reconstruct the journey of ancient objects through time. The official opening will take place via Zoom, after which the exhibition will be accessible online to anyone interested. Pre-registration is not necessary.

Where was the amphora before it came to the museum? It was pottered and painted in Athens, filled with oil and given to a victorious participant in the Panathenaic Games, sold, transported across the Mediterranean and finally enclosed in the owner’s tomb. All museum objects have a story: Where did they originate? In what context were they used? And what value did they have then for their owners or today for their collectors? Visitors to the exhibition “Crisscross – Life Stories of Ancient Objects” can accompany the 3D models of ancient objects on this journey through tombs, across the Nile, to the classical museum space. The special feature: You don’t just read about the stages, but experience the object in its context thanks to virtual representation.

The digital exhibition is the result of a course taught in the summer semester 2020 by Prof. Reinhardt. The students developed the museum concept as curators and implemented it together with a media designer. The exhibition is aimed at anyone interested in following in the footsteps of ancient objects.

The link to the virtual exhibition opening can be found on the Institute’s website.

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